Proficy - GE Digital Industrial Software (SCADA, MES, Historian, reporting)

Over 30 years of experience and recognition in the business of industry software, 21,000 customers around the world and the trust of thousands of people. Proficy, GE Digital industrial software, is also available in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia!

SCADA Systems iFIX and Cimplicity, Historian and advanced reporting – within reach!

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GE Digital - company with great history and even greater future!

GE Digital is a part of American company with over 100 years of tradition. Division GE Digital for more than 30 years is responsible for developing and creating software for industrial purposes. Portfolio of American vendor consists of SCADA systems, MES systems, advanced reporting,  industrial databases, and remote access solution.

Be a part of that great history of industry! Join the family of happy customers around the world!

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VIX Automation - GE Digital Distributor, our mission:

We are authorised distributor of Proficy software in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

We help industrial plants in the continuous improvement of production processes using proven IT solutions for production.

We provide our clients with the highest quality services, thus creating a foundation for long-term business relationships.

Our Software

Software of GE Digital is well known around the world! 21 000 industrial customers are using it to extend their business! Join them by using multitask software!

Buying iFIX or Cimplicity you get more than SCADA System!

See what else you will get, buying SCADA System from us!

REMEMBER ALSO about our ADVANCED TECHNICAL SUPPORT! One-year service contract, providing manufacturer care and free software updates

Offer for System Intergrators

We are searching for system integrators and reseller partners in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Contact us, give us a message or call - let`s talk about business! More info about partnership in the link!

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